Touch Screen Technology on Your Bible Tablet


   Whether you are 20-something or 80-something, the Bible Tablet will keep you interested. Touch the screen and things happen. Wrapped around your complete versions of the Holy Bible is the latest full Android system with all of its functionality, expandability and access to more than one million apps in Google and Amazon marketplaces. One touch gets you started on the journey.
3-Touches for Book, Chapter and Verse


   Not only can you find any Book, Chapter and Verse in 3 taps on the touchscreen, but you can search for anything in the Bible with the onscreen keyboard. Say you want to know all references to Goliath or the Tigres River, simply type in the word and you will have them all instantly. Like having your own Google search system right in your Bible. Impress the world !
Many Uses and Accessories for Bible Tablet


   Expand without limit by accessing the power of Android. Or, want to watch some videos or movies on the big screen with surround sound? Just attach a Chromecast key (not provided) to your HD TV and be amazed at the picture and sound quality.
   And, having a USB port, an SD card slot, dual cameras and speakers jack, opens up a range of possibilities.
Setup and Software Installation Included on Bible Tablet pc


Every Bible Tablet comes with the Original King James Version. In addition, you can add FOR FREE one of the following versions for your reference:

   * New King James Version
   * New International Version
   * English Standard Version
   * New American Standard Version
   * New Century Version
   * New Living Translation Version

Notes and Bookmarks for Bible Tablet


   No more writing crib notes and sticking them between the pages - hoping, God forbid, that you don't drop your Bible. Now you can simply highlight a passage and/or tap in your thoughts on the screen keyboard to save with the scripture.
   And, with the power of backup and security in Android, you can save your notes and bookmarks forever by backing up your Bible and its data with one-touch in the file manager.

One Year Factory Warranty


   Kids grow up way too quickly. We all try to grab onto any opportunity to enjoy a sharing moment with our children. 
   So, in addition to the obvious spiritual benefits of this tablet, you shouldn't overlook taking advantage of spending some quality time with your family in a fun and positive experience you all will always remember.

   "....STAY TOGETHER". We'll provide the medium. You provide the love.

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