The Gospel on Your Bible Tablet
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Christian Spirituality at Your Fingertips
The Gospel
 At YourFinger Tips
  • Fast and Easy Access
  • Comprehensive Layout

Easy to Use Bible Tablet
Easy-to-See and
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Find Gospel Scripture in Just Three Taps
Get Book, Chapter and Verse in JustThree Taps
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Bible Tablet PC for Christians
Compare Two
Bible VersionsSide-by-Side
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Read in Low Light or No Light - Adjust Text Size
Reverse Text
for Low LightReading
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Bookmark and Highlight Your Favorite Passages
Highlite Favorite
Passages & TakeStudy Notes
Included Protective Sleeve and Stylus
IncludesSleeve and Stylus Pen
  • Protects Your Investment
  • Slips In & Out Easily
We Bring the Gospel into the Digital Age

GREAT FOR USE IN CHURCH SERVICE. Everyone has experienced trying to turn to the Bible passage being discussed during the service, but fumbling with the pages sticking together, you finally locate it just as the pastor has moved on to the next reference. With your Bible Tablet, you can find any passage with 3 touches of the screen. Book, Chapter and Verse. No typing.

GREAT FOR USE IN STUDY GROUPS. And what about having to put on those reading glasses each time during a meeting of your Bible Study Group? With your Bible Tablet you can preset the font size in your Bible settings for your eyes. No glasses needed. You can even reverse the text and background for low light reading. And when you get home, how about letting your tablet read the Bible to you when your eyes are just plain tired. It can do that too.
Yes, Really.

GREAT FOR FUND RAISERS. We can help you energize your youth groups with some fund raising ideas that can spread the Gospel, modernize your congregation, meet new members and help finance your ministries - all at once. Buy in quantities or place orders piece-meal for direct shipment to your church or the end user. You choose. We handle all of the support and the 1-year warranty on each unit.

Technical Details 
Tablet Hardware
  • Android Mobile O/S - Rooted
  • 2.0 GHz ARM Processor
  • 2GB RAM / 32GB HDD
  • 10.1" 5-Point Capacitive Screen
  • 2.0 mpx Front Facing Camera
  • 5.0 mpx Rear Facing Camera
  • USB/Headphone/Mic
  • 4-,8-,16-,32GB SD Card Option
  • Battery Li Poly 5-7 hours/charge
  • Fast 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Protective Sleeve and Stylus Pen
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • AC/DC Fast Charging Unit
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- Now FAST Multi-Core!!
Supported Software
  • Google/Amazon App Marketplaces
  • Adobe Air App Support
  • Office Suite Documents
  • Gravity Sensor for 3D Games
  • 6 News Channels
  • Skype Video Chat/Skype Phone
  • FaceBook/Twitter/Google+, etc.
  • Tubi TV/Netflix/Pandora
  • YouTube Video
  • 50 Pre-Installed Other Useful Programs
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