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Computers for Senior Activity Center and Care Facilities
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Games to Test Senior Reflexes and Dexterity.
Board, Card and Casino Games.
All the FavoriteBoard and Card Games
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Internet Not Required for Use of Senior Gamer Tablet
Use AnywhereWithout Internet
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Tablet PC for Senior Citizen Centers
Word RecognitionGames
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Tablet PC for Senior Extended Care Facility Activities
Refresh StrategizingSkills
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Jigsaw Puzzles on Tablet PC for Seniors
Solve Awesome Jigsaw Puzzles300 Beauties
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Easy Navigation from Any Screen to Activate Favorite Tablet Games
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Included Protective Sleeve and Stylus Pen
IncludedSleeve and Stylus Pen

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Designed FOR Seniors BY Seniors

The Senior Care Tablet for senior care facilities is the little sister of the former Senior Touch Pad tablet, our flagship product that we had been selling since tablet pc's were first invented. The Senior Care product is designed to be used primarily WITHOUT THE NEED FOR INTERNET, and is as much a cognitive enhancement tool as it is an exciting and fun entertainment device as evidenced by the similar, and the highly popular, Senior Gamer tablet.

We wanted to make a portable device that was not a scary, complicated pc and could be used anywhere in a senior care facility or senior activity center and did not require the Internet to operate.   We found that a 10" tablet was visually and portably just right.  By providing a cadre of games that are most popular among today's senior generation, a senior facility can offer personal or shared entertainment that can sharpen mental and dexterity skills and be used whenever and wherever without worrying about individual user accounts, electrical connections, computer viruses, Wi-Fi connectivity or passwords.

As an intended side benefit to all of this fun, we believe each senior who regularly uses one of our Senior Care tablets will see improvment in general cognitive mental alertness and memory functions.

Pretty much a 'Win-Win' for all.


Technical Details 
Tablet Hardware
  • 2.0 GHZ ARM Processor
  • Android O/S (Rooted)
  • 2GB RAM Short Term Memory
  • 32GB ROM On-Board Memory
  • 10.1" 5-Point Capacitive Screen
  • 2.0 MP Front Facing Camera
  • 5.0 MP Rear Facing Camera
  • USB Port (Also Auxilliary Charging)
  • 1-Stereo Headphone/Speaker Jack
  • 2-Built-in 3W Speakers
  • 1-Micro TF/SD Card Slot
  • 4-,8-,16-,32GB SD Card Option
  • Battery Li Poly 5-6 hours/charge
  • Fast 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Gravity Sensor for 3D Applications
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • AC/DC Fast Charging Unit
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- Now FASTER Multi-Core!!
Installed Software
  • Google Play Games Support
  • Adobe Air Support
  • MORE THAN 75 PRE-LOADED GAMES (Including:)
  •     Baseball
  •     Bowling
  •     Blackjack
  •     Checkers
  •     Chess
  •     Crosswords
  •     Golf
  •     Mimic Memory Exerciser
  •     Pong
  •     Rolling Ball Reflex Tester
  •     Solitaire
  •     Sudoku
  •     Tennis
  •     Etc. (See Full List Here)

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