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Ages 3 to 10 Years
Provides EducationalBuilding Blocks
Pre-School to 5th Grade
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Fun Learning Experience
Programs forCognitive Development
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Tablet PC for Children
Memory DevelopmentGames
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Children's Stories and Books
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Kids Graphic Animation Software
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Ages 3 to 10 Years
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Designed FOR Little Kids BY Big Kids

Learning is the result of building upon a foundation of concepts and skills that allow associations and comparisons to create a larger body of knowledge. If a child does not start out with a strong foundation, they have less to build on and it makes it harder for them in the early school years. And, if they don't catch up quickly, it can stunt their academic growth.

We wanted to design a portable learning tool that could be used in the preschool environment for pre-k-aged children as well as support after-school activity programs - when needed. It had to be able to grow with the child, be large enough to foster a creative canvas, and fun enough to make them enjoy the learning experience.

We also didn't want it to be a toy with a small screen to be used as a day care time sink. Therefore, by choosing as our platform a full-functioned 10" Android tablet, with thousands of educational and entertaining apps to choose from, we hit the target straight away. Using modern techology, the children get a captivating learning experience which forces interactivity not found in their normal home television activities.

Technical Details 
Tablet Hardware
  • 2.0 GHZ ARM Processor
  • Android Mobile O/S - Rooted
  • 1GB RAM / 16GB HDD
  • 10.1" 5-Point Capacitive Screen
  • 2.0 mpx Front Facing Camera
  • 5.0 mpx Rear Facing Camera
  • USB/HDMI/Headphone/Mic
  • 4-,8-,16-,32GB SD Card Option
  • Battery Li Poly 5-6 hours/charge
  • Fast 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • AC/DC Fast Charging Unit
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- Now FAST Multi-Core!!
Supported Software
  • Google Play Store App Marketplaces
  • Adobe Air App Support
  • Supports Flash 11.1
  • Gravity Sensor for 3D Games
  • Read-to-Me Book Readers
  • Easy Access Screen Overlay
  • 100+ Pre-Installed Children's Programs & Stories
  • Teacher Safety/Security Controls
  • Designed for Offline Use

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