One-Year Warranty

We go to great lengths to protect your tablet during shipping and it is unlikely that damage will occur. However, if 
the outer shipping box looks to be badly damaged, report it immediately to your postal service representative and
send us a claim notice with photos. 

Your tablet will be warrantied to operate normally for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. The warranty is 
limited to the tablet HARDWARE ONLY and does not include software or any connected peripherals. The Warranty is a
Return-To-Factory Warranty and must be received by the manufacturer within the 12-month period - as we are only a
value-added-reseller of the hardware. Because of the delays and expense this can cause, we do everything possible to
rectify the problem, and, if need be, and we have available systems, we will replace the defective unit with a new tablet or
a refurbished unit with equal or better casing and screen condition than the one that is returned. However, this will be done
soley at our descretion and does not alter the warranty period or the responsibility to return the defective product to the
manufacturer within the 12-month period.

1) As such, we do not cover problems associated with the installation and or operation of any software (specifically 
including all downloading or updating of apps). No warranty is made in relation to software or data. Furthermore, with regard
to added software or updates to existing software, any rectification of software compatibility issues, software bugs and 
faults will he chargeable to you . 2) Although we have installed virus protection to a virus-resistant computer, no 
warranty is made in relation to any virus related problems that may occur. 3) In-Touch Tablets, LLC (ITT) cannot be held 
responsible for the loss of any data that may be experienced due to faulty components or repairs to any computer. Nor 
can it be held responsible for any product fault or defective components that can be attributed to corrupt or 
unlicensed software or viruses of any nature.

ITT does not cover in any regard as to quality or defects of workmanship any of the following items:
1) All FREE included items such as, but not limited to: carrying case or stands, earbud headphones, or screen protectors.
2) Any apps that are downloaded from any source by you or at any time following delivery of the tablet.
3) Any accessory or add on item claimed to be compatible with our tablet.

On occasion, ITT may offer tablets at a discounted price upon finding imperfections in casings or touch screens during inspection
which render them to be less than perfect for sale. Functionally, these tablets will perform electronically exactly the same as all of
our tablets. Yet, while it may be very difficult to find the aesthetic defect in the cabinetry or touch screen, it is still considered a
factory second unit. As such, the warranty does not cover physical condition of the tablet, even during the first 30-days. This means
that any imperfections in the touch screen, underlying display screen, bezel or rear cabinetry are accepted by you 'AS-IS'.

Under the Warranty, coverage will not apply to defects or damage resulting from:
* any user-damage to the product;
* improper packing during return shipment to us;
* disasters such as floods, fires, winds, earthquakes or lightning;
* failure to provide the proper installation environment;
* peripherals or unauthorized attachments;
* bubbles or any imperfections in a screen protector (if installed as a gratis item);
* any item included as a 'Free' complimentary gift as a special offer when purchasing;
* service by an unauthorized service center;
* any other type of abuse, misuse or neglect;

(More specifically, we shall not be liable under this warranty for:
Loss or damage caused by fire, explosion, direct lightening, power surge and the like, storm, tempest, flood water, 
damage, rainwater, earthquake, accident, impact, aircraft, burglary, theft or attempts thereat, malicious damage; or 
loss of use of your equipment or other consequential loss, damage or consequential liability of any description; or
damage or liability arising out of a willful act or your willful negligence; or damage caused by the fair wear and 
tear, accidental and malicious damage or misuse, or attachment of unauthorised additional components is excluded from 
the warranty; or gradual deterioration, including rust, corrosion, or other ongoing effects caused by environmental 
conditions; or loss or damage caused by interference by another party and carried out remotely by electronic means.)

Requests for warranty service can be made by completing the SUPPORT REQUEST FORM on our website at:  A technician will respond within 24 hours of the request to further diagnose the problem for 
a possible solution. Failing this attempt, and the technician determines that the tablet must be returned to us, he may email 
you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form that you can print out or request that you print his diagnosis and include
a copy in the return package. You will be responsible for all return packaging, delivery and insurance charges.

Upon service performed, we will ship the product back to you via USPS Priority Mail delivery unless you have requested for 
optional Express delivery service at an extra charge to you. ITT will not be responsible for delays caused by delivery 

At the discretion of the customer service technician, you may be given the option of having a newly configured 
replacement tablet sent you prior to the return of the defective unit. If you agree to this option, we will require 
that a credit card debit be made for the then-purchase-price of a new unit until we receive the defective 
product, at which time, a full credit, (or partial credit in the case of non-covered damage noted above), will be 
issued you immediately. 

It should be noted that a replacement tablet will be sent you with the original software configuration and that any
applications (apps) that were installed at the time of failure will have to be re-downloaded from their source when you
receive the replacement unit. ITT cannot be liable for any costs associated with the replacement of these applications,
nor can ITT be responsible for the replacement of any screen protectors that may have been installed by you or installed
for free by the manufacturer - if they are not available from the manufacturer on the replacement unit.

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