Touch Screen Technology for Children Tablet pc


   Children love to touch things and a touch screen gives them the 'action-reaction' that creates anticipation and keeps them interested while, at the same time, developing their hand-eye coordination. It also allows for a measure of creativity for art and fingerpainting programs - and without all the mess.
   And if you want to aquaint them with a physical keyboard and mouse - instructions are included to do so.

Portability of Kid's Touch Screen Tablets


   Weighing less than a pound and with a 5-7 hour battery life, you can take it with you anywhere - whether using it in the car or overnight at Grandma's house.
   And unless you unlock the internet access to download a new app, there is no need to be near a Wi-Fi hotspot for any of the children's programs.
   In addition, every tablet ships with a non-slip and removable silicone rubber cover for maximum protection.

Flexibility of Kid's Touch Screen Tablet pc's


   Expand without limit by unlocking features with the access sequence built-in to the Parental Control. Easily converted to a powerful general-purpose Wi-Fi tablet as your child matures.  Thousands of apps for general tablet use are available in the Google Play Store marketplace.
   And, having multiple USB ports, an SD card slot and an HDMI port opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Setup and Software Installation Included on Children's Tablet pc


100+ Pre-Loaded Programs/Games.
   All the programs for developing visual word and sound associations, reading, math, telling time, art and memory skills are designed to be great fun for kids.
   And when they have mastered a couple of skill levels, you can unlock one of many pre-loaded most-popular adventure and skill games for them - that are arguably even more educational, but in a different way.   
   And while most parents would like to slow the process, you can virtually watch your child mature before your eyes.

One Year Warranty Included


   Although we test every feature of your tablet before we ship it to you, sometimes computers just break on their own. 
   If your tablet gets ill anytime within the first year of service, we will be happy to repair or replace it according to our normal warranty procedures as specified in our warranty description. 
    (Of course, as you would not turn your child loose with your $500 i-pad, it is equally important to stay involved with your child when using their tablet to prevent unintentional abuse.) 

Mother and Child with Touch Screen Tablet


Kids grow up way too quickly. We all try to grab onto any opportunity to enjoy a sharing moment with our children. 

So, in addition to the obvious educational benefits of this tablet, you shouldn't overlook taking advantage of spending some quality time with your child in a fun and positive experience you both will always remember.

Looking for a doorway into their world? We'll provide the medium. You provide the love.

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